Hon Lord Baron Fielakepa dies

UPDATED: Lord Fielakepa of Tonga died  in Auckland, New Zealand after a long illness.  Many who knew him said Lord Fielakepa was very kind and a man of genuine humility.

Families and mourners attended a gathering at an Onehunga residence on Sunday evening 10th  to offer their condolences and prayers.

Press Release:

“Baron fielakepa of Havelu, passed away at Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand, on Sunday, 10th February, 2013. at his birth on 23rd November, 1961, he was names Sosaia Tupou Aleamotua, and has now passed away at the age of fifty one. in his recent years, he had suffered from diabetes and heart problems.

Baron fielakepa, was the eldest son, and second of the six children of the late lord fielakepa ( longolongo’atumai aleamotu’a ) and lady tunakaimanu tonga fielakepa.

“Baron Fielakepa was a reputable scholar, with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland, New Zealand in 1984, high distinction in diplomatic studies from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom in 1989, and a Master of Laws with distinction from the International Maritime Law Institute in Malta in 1996. When his father (Lord Fielakepa Longolongo’atumai) passed away in 1997, he was appointed to the hereditary title and estates of Lord Fielakepa.

“He is one of the earliest nobles of Tonga to have achieved such high multiple academic qualifications, and accolades. he is one, of only three, of the lords of the realm, upon whom, have been bestowed the title of baron, by the monarch.
“In the twenty seven years from 1986, after the attainment of his first law degree, until his tragic demise this week, all of Baron Fielakepa’s life was dedicated to the service of god, king and tonga. these were the treasures of his heart and his upbringing, as is reflected, in his illustrious public service career.

“From 1986 to 2008, Baron Fielakepa served as assistant secretary in the two most crucial ministries of the prime minister’s office, and the newly formed ministry of justice. from the offices of the head of government, he was then promoted to head the palace office, as the private secretary to his late majesty, king taufa’ahau tupou iv, as well as clerk to privy council, which is chaired by the monarch.

“Again, further testifying to his high quality service and the nation’s trust in him, in1998, he was appointed as governor of ha’apai, a position which includes the total community care for the ha’apai district, as well as membership of cabinet, privy council and Parliament. Baron Fielakepa ‘s people’s care in these portfolios, is still legendary. in 2001, his service to the highest posts in government was at its zenith, with his appointment, as tonga’s minister of lands, survey and natural resources . in this portfolio, baron fielakepa was especially renowned for his numerous reforms and procedural simplifications, which will continue to benefit the nation.

“And yet, the demand for baron fielakepa’s special experience, skills, and special leadership still continued. in 2007 he returned to the service of the office of the monarch once again, when his late majesty king george tupou v appointed him as tonga’s first lord chamberlain. in 2009 his late majesty also appointed him, as one of tonga’s first and youngest law lord. he also presided over tonga’s royal land commission, as its chairman from 2008 until 2011.

“Indeed, one of the exclusive accolades and blessings of baron fielakepa’s public service career, was the special rapport and trust placed upon him, by the royal house of tupou, and baron fielakepa’s total commitment to their service and welfare. even at times of natural disasters, or disturbances, baron fielakepa was never at home, he was always at the villa or the palace.

Furthermore, baron fielakepa has hitherto been a lay preacher, a member of the parish trustees, a member of the church conference, and one of the principal trustees of the free wesleyan church of tonga.
in all of these church and state responsibilities, baron fielakepa was renowned for his meticulousness, and open empathy for the people”.

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