Tsunami Updates: Hospital have confirmed 9 deaths

NINE people are now confirmed to have been killed in the deadly 1.5 metre waves that roared into Solomon Islands villages yesterday. According to a bulletin issued by the U.S. Geological Survey, the tsunami was triggered by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, with a depth of 17.8 miles (28.7 kilometers), was centered about 220 miles east of the Santa Cruz Islands, part of the Solomon Islands nation.

Areas Affected:

Coastal areas of Temotu, Makira-Ulawa and Malaita Provinces.


The following are the updates from the provinces:

1. Temotu Province

• Lata Airport reported wave damage to the terminal building and a number of large logs are blocking the runway.

• 3 casualties have been reported and all houses have been destroyed in Nela Village.

• 1 casualty has been reported in Luava Village and 16 houses have reportedly been destroyed.

• 1 child in Birmbe has been swept away by the sea and is still missing. An unconfirmed number of houses had been destroyed.

• Venga Village reports 1 casualty.

• Malo Village on Neo Island report 3 people missing and 1 confirmed deceased.

• Gracious Bay reports that a piggery farm has been washed away.

• Otabe Village reported that waves went through the village but there were no reports of casualties or damage at this time.

• Unusual wave and current activity around the province reported.

• No reports from more remote parts of the province are currently available due to the ‘all clear’ not yet being given.

2. Makira-Ulawa Province

• Kirakira, Santa Anna and Namunga reported high swells but everyone was able to move to higher grounds.

• Kirakira hospital was successfully evacuated.

• No damage reports are currently available.

• River levels were observed to rise at least 4 times in Kirakira indicating a series of waves were generated.

3. Malaita Province

• Unusual wave and current activity has been reported throughout the province but no damage has been reported at this time.

Provincial Assistance:

1. Temotu Province

• The Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) has been activated and the Provincial Disaster Officer (PDO) is providing regular updates to the NEOC.

2. Makira

• Reports are being relayed to the NEOC via the Assistant Provincial Planner and the PEOC has been activated.

3. Malaita Province

• Members of communities are reporting to the Malaita PDO at the NEOC directly.

National Assistance:


• NEOC has been activated.

• The National Disaster Council members have been contacted and are on standby.

• NDMO is organizing an assessment team to fly to Temotu tomorrow (07/02/13).

• Medical personnel will be dispatched with the assessment team tomorrow.

International Assistance:

Decisions on requests for assistance will depend on feedback from the affected provinces.

Future Operations:


• Immediate deployment of teams to support Temotu PEOC to set up coordination arrangements on site.

Solomon Airlines is sending a team on 07/02/13.

• Medical personnel are to be part of the deployed team.

• Possible flyover to be conducted over Santa Cruz by Solomon Airlines.


It is too early to have a clear picture of the damage caused. The high number of aftershocks and the difficulties inherent in accessing Temotu makes gathering swift accurate information a challenge. The concern is for the more remote areas of Temotu where no reports have been forthcoming thus far.

NEOC Activation:

NEOC has been activated.

Source: National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)

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