Military leader Bainimarama supports police shocking action

Fiji Military leader, Bainimarama supports police shocking action saying his men just do their duty. They work very hard to make sure law abiding and every decent citizens are safe and secure.

Even the case is under investigation but the military leader has given his early support to the police action. He claimed the escaped prisoners terrorised Fiji before the capture. They just do their job.

“At the end of the day, I will stick by my men, by the police officers or anyone else that might be named in this investigation,” he told Fijivillage.

“We cannot discard them just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night.”

Bainimarama also questions the reactions of nongovernmental organisation (NGO). He accused them for being paid to jump up and down every time they do odd things.

“That’s their job, they’re paid to do that by the people that fund them,” he said.

A retired military officer,  who is the father of one of the men brutally beaten by Fiji personnel called on Bainimarama to make sure that, “men responsible are taken to justice”, Radio New Zealand International  reported.

Viriseini Sanawa 42, a mother of one of the beaten prisoners was devastated after she watched the video.

“My heart aches when I watch how my son was treated like a animal,” she is reported by Fijilive as saying.

“I can’t rest because I did not expect that what cannot be done to any human being was done to my son

Mrs Sanawa said she went back home trembling after watching the video.

Amnesty International had last week, after the 9 minutes video that shows two handcuffed  men being repeatedly beaten with poles went viral, “condemn the use of torture by officials”.

New Zealand’s stance on this brutality was made clear after PM John Key in a report by TVNZ said that it was “very alarming”.

“We take it seriously and we expect the Fijian authorities to deal with them appropriately and hold those people who have undertaken those beatings to account,” he was reported as saying.

There is grave misgiving in Fiji about what Bainimarama’s regime might do in its investigation.

“I’m afraid, as it stands, of course they’re going to conduct their own investigation and most people don’t believe, or don’t expect, anything to come of it,” said a local opposition figure, Mick Beddoes according to report.

“Based on their actions to date, it is obvious the persons involved work for the regime in one position or another,” Beddoes was reported as saying.

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