Pasifika Festival 2013: ‘Many nations, one God’

Wind was gently blowing leaning against the flora and lakeside of the Auckland’s Western Springs today while thousands of locals and visitors strolled through under the shades of beautiful native plants witnessing  – “the sights, sounds, tastes and colours of the Pacific – all in one place.”

From the Pasifika Festival organizers to participants down to many who were just eager to attend and watched one of the largest Pasifika Village fetes in New Zealand, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere of a real Pacific styles and performances.

The sounds of the drumbeats as they echoed from the distance, and the Island tones of voices heard over the cheering brought right into Western Springs many sweet memories of the far Pacific Island homelands.

Stan Wolfgramm,  a Tongan who was part of the Pasifika Festival  since 1996 and is now its new producer told Kaniva Pacific News  they were satisfied with the outcome so far.

“It is very successful…the festival started off really well for us. First thing in the morning is for our villages to make sure they can come in and that they have everything they need. That was really smooth for us. It is totally crowded here at the moment. We are really happy you know the people enjoying themselves.” he said.

There are 10 unique villages that showcase the cultures of 10 Pacific Island nations – Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Niue, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Aotearoa – as well as shared Pan-Pacific areas made up of stalls retailing products from a variety of Pacific Islands.

The festival turns 21 this year and tomorrow is the last day for the Pacific people to enjoy having “for the first time a multi-denominational church service will be held on the Prosperity stage on Sunday morning, under the theme of ‘many nations, one god’”

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