Business and Community come together to celebrate Samoan Language Week

Samoan Language Week has been the catalyst for several Samoan businesses to exhibit not only their wares but to also show their love and support for their mother tongue.

This weekend the Pasifika Education Centre (PEC) and the Samoan Business Network will launch a joint promotion to celebrate Samoan Language Week.

This year’s theme is “Fafaga fanau i upu ma tala.  Tautala i lau gagana” which translates to “Feed the children with words and stories.  Speak your language.”

Participating members of the Samoan Business Network are offering product specials including a range of Samoan books and resources, says Samoan Business Network spokesperson Laura Keil-Hall.

“As a business community, our Samoan heritage is very much part of our business identity and what inspires us,” says Laura.

“We believe language is an important business skill and can be the point of difference in business dealings, building relationships or even developing a product. We endorse the work of PEC and celebrating Samoan language week with them is a natural fit.”

PEC is at the forefront of teaching Pacific language and cultural classes in Auckland. This partnership is an ‘outside of the box’ approach to activate other pockets of the Samoan community to celebrate Samoa Language Week, says CEO Christine Nurminen.

“The message of Samoan Language Week celebrations has relevance beyond our families. Our partnership with the Samoan Business Network is our way of exploring different channels and avenues for promoting the premium and place of language in our families, community and business settings.

To launch the PEC/SBN Samoan language week celebrations the Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano Samoa (EFKS) Otahuhu will conduct a special service at 11.00am this Sunday. Other activities throughout the week include a daily Facebook word challenge, a performance by PEC Samoan language students, and market day promotions and giveaways at the Otara Flea market.

The PEC and SBN product promotions can be purchased online at and at the Otara Flea market at the Shopsamoa stall.

Media enquiries: Stella Muller, 021 213 8601,

Samoan Language Week Activities
Day PEC and SBN activities
Sunday 26 May PEC Lotu at Otahuhu EFKS Church, 58 Station Road, Otahuhu.


Facebook daily language challenge 1#


Word of the day: Falesa (church)

Monday 27 May Facebook daily language challenge 2#


Word of the day: Gagana (language)


Profile:  Samoan Language Course Book, Evotia Tamua

Tuesday 28 May Facebook daily language challenge 3#


Word of the day: Tifaga (movies)


Profile:  South Seas Pictures, Tanupo and Taufau Aukuso

Wednesday 29 May Facebook daily language challenge 4#


Word of the day: Fa’afetai (thank you)


Profile:  Alofa and Filipo Navigators – Karamia Muller, Author of “How do you say thank you?”

Thursday 30 May Facebook daily language challenge 5#


Word of the day: Tala (story)


A performance by the PEC Samoan language students

6pm at PEC Manukau Office

Friday 31 May Facebook daily language challenge 6#


Word of the day: Tusi ata (picture book)


Profile:  Shop Samoa, Rasmus Pereira

Saturday 1 June Samoan Independence Day


PEC and SBN promoting products at Otara Fleamarket through the Shop Samoa stall.







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