Thousand assemble to mark the begining of the new Mo‘ui Fo‘ou ‘Ia Kalaisi Fellowship

UPDATED: Defected members of the Tokaikolo Church who were drawn from as far as North Shore in the north of Auckland  and  Pukekohe  in South Auckland filled the Upper Room Church hall at Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand this afternoon in an emotional and a heartfelt sermon delivered by Leader,  Reverend Sione Havili Maile.

This is a new journey but a fulfilment of a mission that has been placed upon the founder,  Rev Senituli Koloi in the last 30 years to feed the souls of those who are hunger for Him, Maile said. 

Reverend Maile’s sermon had the implication of many families who suffered financially in trying to meet demand by the Tokaikolo Church  to donate to pay for  its million dollar loans and other church operational costs. These congregants were eventually banned and excluded from the church after some of them questioned the way how their donations spent without any financial  report made available for them.  

 Attendees said they are expecting more members who have crossed the floor from the Tokaikolo Church in Mangere  as most could not attend today's service  due to other commitments.

Dosen of clergies and deacons dismissed by the Tokaikolo Church but joint the congregation today were invited to a meeting after today's service.   

Reverend Maile who has been a long time Secretary General of Tokaikolo Church and a loyal follower of its president, Reverend President Liufau Vailea Saulala told Kaniva News, “God has called me to lead these people who are hungry for freedom”, he said.  

He told the congregation today that Tokaikolo Church members as far as USA, Australia and Tonga have called and talked to him and meetings with them have been scheduled for the coming weeks.

Mo'ui Fo'ou 'Ia Kalaisi Fellowship will from now on use the Upper Room at Huia Rd in Otahuhu for their prayer services.

Correction: We corrected this article. We preciously reported that Reverend Sione Maile was a long time Vice President of the Tokaikolo Church. That was not correct. Reverend Sione Havili Maile was the longtime Secretary General of the Tokaikolo Church.

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