NZTRFA, Ashley Tonga team up to promote rugby tournament

Officials and members of the New Zealand Tongan Rugby Football Association (NZTRFA) held a meet and greet on Saturday 24 with the drag queen diva and x factor entertainer Ashley Tonga to announce their joint effort in promoting NZTRFA upcoming rugby union tournament in September.

NZTRFA is a newly established body to promote local Tongan rugby players and to hold annual events to mark the heroic achievements of the  Tongan Ex-All Blacks rugby players,  Ikale Tahi and Tongan players in other New Zealand professional rugby teams according to the president ‘Emosi Koloto.

Its Seven’s tournament will kick off on September 7. Nine teams have already listed their names to join the tournament are Folaha, Manurewa, Vaini, Fasimoeafi, Mauna Kiekie, Tofoa, Kau Leka mei he South, Kolofo’ou and Saineha.   A $200 registration fee is required for each team.

Koloto warmly welcomed Ashley to the meeting and said he was inspired by her performance at the New Zealand X Factor 2013. He was thankful Ashley accepted his invitation to join NZTRFA with her talent as he knew for sure it would help spice up their upcoming events.

Ashley told the meeting last Saturday she was willing to help NZTFA’s fundraising.

“ I am happy to be part of your team and  do whatever I can do to help. I am proud to be Tongan and that is why I am here tonight,” Ashley said.

NZTRFA is planning to start the tournament in August 31 with a Fiefia Night  followed by a Prize Giving Night on September 14 where Ashley Tonga will hit the stage as the main performer of the night.

In June NZTRFA held a dinner at the Manurewa Rugby League Football Club as part of their annual programme  to acknowledge  Tongan rugby stars . Ex-All Blacks Charles Riechaelmann and Pita Alatini attended.

NZTRA was established on March 2013.

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