Mate Maʻa Tonga: brilliant performance despite lost to Scotland

Mate Maʻa Tonga performed exceptionally well but to win a fight with bigger opponent they must have to stop the fight with only a knockout or technical knockout (TKO).

Mate Maʻa Tonga went down bravely at Warrington today 24-26 to Scotland. The disorderly beginning cost them the game they ought to make their mark early in this World Cup competition.

Mate Maʻa Tonga left the park with nothing but the team must hold their head high with bride because in looking from population perspective they won by miles.

Looking at the game in general, apart from both teams effort, there were key elements that contributed in deciding the winner at the end. First and foremost is the referee. The referee is the most influencing factor in any sports.

The referee could cause either mentally or physically weak or strength. The way of controlling the game by referees should always be to enhance the players of both teams to be able to perform to the top of their abilities.

Any trace of prejudices should be eliminated. Secondly is the overall performance of both teams. Thirdly is the players fitness, mentally and physically.

There were mistakes made by both teams in this game but the worse mistakes of the game happened from the infield and the video referees.

There were tens of thousands of referees watched the game and with pure hearts and motives they must have agreed with millions of audiences around the world about some of the very poor decisions made by both referees including the Scotland final try.

Mate Maʻa Tonga scored a definite try just earlier and ruled out by the video referee.

Scotland made it to the line and allowed it as a try by the same referee without any conscious that others are watching the same clips and see the ball carrier has lost control of the ball before touching the try line.

The infield referee failed to ask the video referee if the ball has lost forward or not. There is a different between genuine and intentional mistakes.

However, both team, Mate Maʻa Tonga and Scotland were performed highly and have entertained the rugby world.

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