Tonga Prime Minister still in hospital

Lord Tu’ivakano, the Prime Minster of Tonga who has been admitted to hospital for a stroke, is still in hospital in Bellevue  in New York but “in an excellent conditions”, the government said today.

The latest report about the Prime Minister, who is 61, came after some international media reports said he had been discharged and was getting ready to get his flight back to Tonga, but this has proved incorrect.

‘Aholotu Palu, Acting Chief Secretary and Acting Secretary to Cabinet told Radio Tonga in an email today, “His Lordship was admitted to Bellevue Hospital in NY for chest-pain.

“Doctors were very responsive and treated the pain with proper procedures and medication. His Lordship is now in an excellent condition after the treatment”, Palu said.

Palu also told the Radio that “Lord Tu’ivakanō is expected to be discharged soon to the Tongan Mission in New York”.

“He is tentatively booked to return to Tonga this week-end.

The gist of the matter is His Lordship is doing well,” he said.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Lord Fakafanua told the House this morning the Prime Minister  “is expected to be released from hospital today. Doctors would then decide when he would be fit to take the flight back home.”

His wife Lady Robyn Tu’ivakano told Matangi Tonga Online  the Prime Minister was rushed late on Saturday, September 28  at 11:00pm to Bellevue Hospital, New York, and was attended by a cardio doctor for treatment of what was understood to be a blocked main heart valve”.

“He is now being monitored 48 hours and he is recovering,” Lady Tu’ivakano told the website.

Acting Prime Minister, Lord Ma’afu told Parliament yesterday morning,  Monday, September 30 the Prime Minister suffered a minor stroke.

Lord Tu’ivakano  was attending the United Nations General Assembly as part of a delegation led by King Tupou VI.

Tu’ivakano took office in 2010 after the first popular elections in Tonga following more than 150 years of rule dominated by the monarchy.

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