Miss Face of Beauty International 2013 exclusive interview


Kalino: You have been awarded Miss Face of Beauty International 2013 in Thailand while you represented Tonga. What is the plan now?

Diamond: I am looking to go out to New York or London for a casting I have been offered to peruse my career in Modelling. In the time being my focus right now is to help the people in the Philippines as much as I can I will be having a Fundraiser soon to raise money to take to back to the Philippines.

Kalino: I assume that you had never expected going to London or US before you won the Face of Beauty International, how did you feel when you were offered the opportunity?

Diamond: I was raised in America before coming to Australia, one day I knew I had to go back to America or to London to peruse Modelling. Truly grateful for the opportunities that have opened up but it wouldn't have been possible without the guidance & help of God & my parents. 

Kalino: Let’s look at Bankok.  Did you have any expectations of what the Island might be like before you arrived?

Diamond: No I didn't have any expectations. It was my first time travelling to Bangkok so I went there with an open mind to learn as much as I can about the culture but most importantly the people. 

Kalino: So what were your first impressions of Pattaya and Bankok?

Diamond: My First impressions of Pattaya & Bangkok was how friendly the people where there. It has a tropical atmosphere with all the palm trees & water surroundings. It reminds me of the Islands. The night life is huge & busy in Thailand, to my surprise markets & shops are still open very late & everyone is still selling food or making something. I thought it was interesting & exciting to take on board their culture & lifestyle & learn more about it. 

Kalino: Can you name and describe some of the tourist attractions in Pattaya you have been to as part of the contest?

Diamond: Some of the Tourist attractions that I loved in Pattaya during the contest that we went to visit was the "Pattaya Floating Markets" All the contestants got into a little boat that could fit about 4-8 people and we would travel in water & see all the shops that we could buy clothes from & food stalls we could grab something to eat. 

"The Golden Mount" was a heavenly experience for me. We walked up to the top of the Mount seeing beautiful displays along the way & as we reached the top it almost felt like I was in Heaven. It was very peaceful with positive surrounding everywhere you walked, with a stunning view of the city.

"The Sanctuary Of Truth" Was a place I couldn't stop saying wow to every where I looked. The whole place was made out of wood carvings with meaning to each & every display that was carved. This is the place I first encountered an Elephant & touched one. 

"Nongnooch Garden & Resort" This was probably the biggest garden & animal display I have ever seen in my life. We got to ride on the Elephant & took a tour around the Garden getting to see all the plants & flowers that were there. It would probably take 2 days to see the whole place without missing anything.

Kalino: Have you been enjoying the unique local cuisine of Pattaya? Have you managed to sample any of Pattaya's incredible sea foods?

Diamond: I loved the cuisine in Pattaya. At first I wasn't use to eating so much rice but now I'm the biggest fan & still eat rice with everything here at home. The spicy foods was something I still had to get use to but I loved the flavours they put together. I had quite a bit of sea food when I was there I couldn't miss out sea food is my favourite. 

Kalino: How would you describe Pattaya to your friends and families back in Australia and Tonga who have never heard of it before?

Diamond: If I had to describe Pattaya I would say it's one of the biggest loud/night life city's I have been to. Everyone is awake, stores are still open. It's good for those who love shopping you would defiantly shop till morning there. 

Kalino: What benefit the Kingdom of Tonga would have from your  winning of the Face of Beauty International contest title?

Diamond: The benefit of The Kingdom would be more tourist would want to visit our island & also be interested in learning about the culture. Putting Tonga on the Map on a international platform when it comes to High fashion, beauty within our island & modelling. 

Kalino: Have you been receiving any contacts from the Tongan authorities like Tourism after your  award?

Diamond: I haven't been receiving any contact from the Tongan Tourism authorities. Everyone contacts my National director. But I will be in Tonga soon working with the Tongan Tourism to help our people & do charity work. 

Kalino: What does winning the Miss Face of Beauty International title mean to you?

Diamond: Winning the Title means so much to me. It gives me the opportunity to show the world what our friendly kingdom has to offer but most importantly it Gives me the opportunity to help those in need & give those who don't have a voice the chance to be heard. 

Kalino: So finally Diamond you are going to represent Tonga at the coming Miss Earth competition. When is that and can you describe why you should become the next Miss Earth?

Diamond: Since winning the Title for Face of beauty I cannot compete in another beauty competition till my reigning finishes in 12 months. But Miss Earth has announced I'm the first candidate for Miss Earth 2014 

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