Power outage as Mate Ma'a Tonga welcoming went wild

An attempt to hang and hook up banners and Tongan mats to the power poles at the sides of the road unfortunately went wrong causing a power cable to have short circuited and burnt out this morning while the Mate Ma'a Tonga arrived at the Fua'amotu Aiport.

The Mate Ma’a Tonga fans of Vaini told Kaniva News the incident happened when they were trying to do a bit of re-decorating along the sides of the Taufa’ahau Road before the team were about to travel through the village to Nuku'alofa.

Tonga Power said a power cut this morning left parts of the Vaheloto villages without electricity for several hours.

Tevita Vaki from the Tonga Power would not confirm the information saying they  still trying to locate what caused the disruption and the truth about it.

"Lucky it was just started and went off. Someone may have died," a source told Kaniva News.

Thousands of Tongan rugby fans however delayed traffic and blocked roads when they turned out to welcome their team today at Fua’amotu Airport.

In the town down Nuku’alofa  as many as 6000 supporters were at the capital when the Tongan rugby team, Mate Ma’a Tonga, arrived this morning.

The Taufa’ahau Road was a sea of red-and-white, with hundreds of cars decked out in Tongan flags and banners.

Radio Tonga Broadcasting report says, “It's Mate Ma'a Tonga's grand arrival at Fua'amotu Airport this morning and Radio & Television Tonga's float procession all the way to Nuku'alofa CBD Square together with a host of other floats.

Thousands of people welcomed the MMT team members at the airport and happy and cheering viewers along the road to Nuku'alofa. Stay tuned with Radio Tonga 1 and Kool 90 FM's live coverage since this morning and shall continue throughout the day”.

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