Kali Fungavaka's father dies in Tonga

Kali Fungavaka’s father, Tavake Fungavaka has passed away Saturday May 3 at Vaiola hospital in Tonga it was confirmed to Kaniva News today by a family member.

The cause of his death is yet to be confirmed  but he was in Tonga to attend the court hearing of five accused police officers charged over the death of his son.

Lepeka Fifita Fungavaka said Tavake's funeral awaits sisters and family to arrive from US and New Zealand.

Kaniva News however was reliably told  that following the first week of the hearing last month at the supreme court  in Nuku'alofa Tavake returned home one day in tears and told his sisters he did not even know  his son encountered such a brutal assault and beating.

His sisters advised him to return to US in fear his health condition was affected because he suffered from cardiac arrest.

Tavake was admitted to Vaiola hospital  last week.

His son Kali died on August 17, 2012 six days after he was assaulted in a police cell in Nuku'alofa.

Police are yet to release statement  on Tavake's death saying they need to contact next of kin in US and New Zealand.

Tavake resided in US and he was in Tonga together with Kali’s wife Audra, and mother, Rosemary.

His body will be buried in Tonga.

News in Tongan

Kuo malolo 'a Tavake Fungavaka ko e tangata'eiki ia 'a Kali Fungavaka 'i he Falemahaki Vaiola 'i Tonga 'i he Tokonaki ko hono 3 'o Mee.

'Oku te'eki mahino papau 'a e tupu'anga 'o e pekia ni pea na'e fakaha ki he Kaniva 'e Lepeka Fifita Fungavaka 'oku tatali 'a hono putu ki he famili mei muli.

Na'e 'i Tonga 'a Tavake ke fanongo ki hono hopo'i ' a e kau polisi 'e toko nima ki he mate 'a hono foha ko Kali.

Kaekehe 'oku 'i ai 'a e fakamatala falala'anga kuo 'omi ki he Kaniva 'o pehe 'i he 'uluaki uike na'e lele ai 'a hono hopo'i ko 'eni 'o e kau polisi, na'e foki atu ai 'a Tavake mei he fakamaau'anga 'o ne tangi mo hua'i atu hono mamahi ki hano ongo tuofefine 'o ne talaange ko 'ene toki 'ilo pe e mei he fakamatala he hopo na'e foua 'e hono foha ha ta lahi fakamanavee pehee pea fou 'i ha  mate matu'aki fakamamahi  fau. Na'e fale'i 'e hono ongo tuofefine ka me'a pea foki ia ki 'Amelika telia na'a puke he'ene mamahi ka ne tutui 'a Tavake ke nofo pe.

Ko Tavake na'a ne mahaki mafu pe pea ne puke 'i he uike kuo 'osi 'o iku leleaki'i ai ki vaiola.

Na'e mate 'a hono foha 'a Kali 'i he 'aofinima 'o e kau polisi 'i he 'aho 17 'Aokosi 2013 'aho ia 'e 6 hili hono ngaohi kovia ia 'i he malumalu 'o e kau polisi.

'Oku te'eki tuku mai 'e he kau polisi ha'anau fakamatala ki he pekia 'a Tavake kanau pehe 'oku tatali ke nau mu'aki fakaha ki hono kainga ofi 'i Amelika mo Nu'u Sila.

Oku nofo Amelika pe 'a Tavake pea na'a ne 'i Tonga fakataha mo e hoa 'o Kali, Audra pehe ki he fa'ee 'a Kali Rosemary.

Ko hono putu 'e fai pe i Tonga.

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