Pirate Birthday Party for Prince Taufa’ahau Manumataongo

Prince Taufa’ahau Manumataongo, who would become king of Tonga in the future, turned 1 year-old today Saturday 10.

As the only son of Prince Tupoutoa and Princess Sinaitakala celebrating a birthday definitely can’t be boring for the cutie.

A pirate birthday party was organised for the little prince yesterday where kids, dressing up as pirates, arrived in Pangai Lahi with plastic swords, eye patches and had their faces painted to entertain the prince’s birhtday.

A formal celebration for His Royal Higness and the royal family is held at the Royal Palace today includes prayer service and a  feast.

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Kuo a'usia 'e he Tama Pilinisi ko Taufa'ahau Manumataongo 'a hono ta'u 1 he 'aho Tokonaki 10 o Mee. Ko e 'alo 'ulutefua pe 'eni 'e taha 'o Pilinisi Tupouto'a mo Pilinisesi Sinaitakala pea ko ia ai ko hano katoanga'i 'a e 'aho fakahifo 'o e pilinisi ni 'e ongoonga'a pe hono me'a kotoa.

Na'e teuteu'i ha paati 'i he founga faka'iulope 'a ia ko hano fakateunga 'o ha fanau 'i he teunga 'o ha  kau kaiha'a vaka.

Ne tu'uta ai ki Pangai Lahi 'a e kau kaiha'a vaka ko 'eni kuo nau teunga 'i he ngaahi teunga kaiha'a, to'o 'enau ngaahi heleta pelesitiki, ha'i fakapuli honau mata pea pehe ki he tokolahi ne vali foki ke fakafiefia'i 'aki 'a e 'aho' o e tama pilinisi.

'E hoko atu he 'aho ni 'i he Palasi Fakatu'i 'a e ouau katoanga e 'aho 'o Pilinisi  Taufa'ahau 'o kau ai 'a e lotu o e taumafa.

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