King Tupou VI’s week-long coronation celebrations set to cost TP$1 million

His Majesty King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻu’s coronation celebrations will begin on June 27 at a cost of TP$1 million.

Details of how the coronation budget will be spent have not been revealed.

Tongan Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva officially announced the coronation yesterday. The celebrations will run from June 27 until July 7.

The 11 days’ celebration will begin with the Royal Kava Ceremony on Saturday, June 27.

The coronation will be held at the Centenary Chapel in Kolomotu’a on Saturday, July 4.

King Tupou VI, 55, assumed his title in March, 2012,  after the death in Hong Kong of his brother, King George V.

His Majesty King Tupou VI is the 24th Tuʻi Kanokupolu (King of the Kanokupolu royal line).

The budget for King Tupou’s coronation is a 10th of the money spent on George V’s ceremony, which cost TP$10 million (NZ$6.6 million)

The government has allocated TP$5.46 million (NZ $3.6 million) budget for the king in its financial estimates for 2014/15. It says the money is for His Majesty’s “leadership” and “advice”.

The Minister for Finance, Dr ʻAisake Eke, would not tell Kaniva News how the TP$1 million coronation budget would be spent.

Hon. ‘Eke would only say that it had been included in the 2014/15 government’s estimate.

He said the government would check from time to time to make sure it was covering the costs of the celebrations.

The announcement of the coronation by Hon. Pohiva was a historical event in itself, according to  the Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet, Dr Palenitina Langaʻoi.

Dr Langaʻoi said that traditionally the announcement of coronations was entrusted only to members of the royal family and the nobility.

She said the coronation of King Tupou VI was the first to be announced by a commoner.

Speaking on Radio and Television Tonga, the Prime Minister said he wished that in God the kāinga and the houʻeiki of Tonga would share the joy of the celebration in a gathering marked by prayer, happiness, peace and unity.

Details of the celebrations

On Wednesday July 1 a cultural performance including various Tongan dances will be performed by school students at Teufaiva Stadium Park.

On Thursday, July  2, a Tongan cultural performance has been organised to celebrate Their Majesties’ coronation. It will be followed by a royal luncheon for invited guests prepared by the nobles of the realm.

On the evening of Friday, July 3, Crown Prince Tupoutoʻa has organised a royal reception to welcome overseas and distinguished guests.

On Saturday, July 4 there will be a royal luncheon at the Royal Palace in Nuku’alofa and a Royal dinner at His Majesty’s Armed Forces’ headquarters at Touliki in Maʻufanga.

There will be a tupakapakanava or traditional torch lighting ceremony after sunset. Students will light  bark torches to create a line of fire around the coastline and there will be fireworks displays later in the evening.

On Sunday, July 5, the programme will begin with a prayer service followed by a royal luncheon prepared by Princess Angelika Latūfuipeka Halaevalu Mataʻaho.

On Monday, July 6, there will be a military parade by His Majesty’s Armed Forces at Pangai Lahi followed by a royal luncheon prepared by the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers.

The main points

  • His Majesty King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻuʻs coronation celebrations will begin on June 27 at a cost of TP1 million.
  • Details of how the coronation budget have not been revealed.
  • The 11 days’ celebration will begin with the Royal Kava Ceremony on Saturday, June 27.
  • The coronation will be held at the Centenary Chapel in Kolomotu’a on Saturday, July 4. 

The Coronation Programme

Saturday 27th June 2015

10:00 am – Royal Kava-Ceremony (Taumafa Kava)

                    Venue: Pangai

Wednesday 1st July 2015

10:00 am-12:00 noon– Education Day

Host: Minister of Education

Venue: Teufaiva Stadium

Thursday 2nd July 2015

12:30 pm– Welcome Luncheon

Host by Nobles of the Realm

Venue: Pangai Seaside

2:30pm– Traditional Entertainment

Venue:  Pangai

 Friday 3rd July 2015

6:30 pm-8:00pm– Official Welcome Reception

Host by His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala

Venue: Fa’onelua Convention Centre

Saturday 4th July 2015

10:00 am- Coronation Service and Ceremony

Venue: Free Wesleyan Church Centenary Church,

1:00 pm– Coronation Luncheon

Venue: Fangatapu: Royal Palace

7:00 pm– Formal Dinner

Venue: Masefield Naval Base

Followed by the Traditional Torchlight ceremony (Tupakapakanava)

                        and Fireworks

Sunday 5th July 2015

10:00am – Thanksgiving Service

Venue: Free Wesleyan Church Centenary Church

12:30pm         – Luncheon

Host: HRH Princess Angelika Latufuipeka Halaevalu Mata’aho

Venue: The Villa

Monday 6th July 2015

10:00am– Coronation Military Parade

Host: Minister for His Majesty’s Armed Forces

Venue: Pangai

12:30pm         –           Royal Luncheon

Host by Hon Prime Minister

Venue: Pangai Seaside

Tuesday 7th July 2015

7:00pm           –           Military Tatoo

Host: Chief of Defence Staff

Venue: Pangai


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