Vava’u man died of gunshot to head, confirmed a suicide

A 32-year-old man from Vava’u has committed suicide after he shot himself on his head with a 38 revolver on Friday 5 Police has confirmed this to Kaniva News.

Tonolo Halahingano from Pangaimotu was working as security guard at the Treasure Island motel in the island of ‘Eueiki in Vavaʻu when the incident occurred, Vava’u Police Superintend Netane Falakiseni said.

The dead man was found by another security guard the next day and reported to Police.

An inquest chaired by Police Magistrate Paula Tatafu to determine the cause of  Halahingano’s death on Saturday 6 confirmed he died from a self-inflicted gunshot to his head, Falakiseni said.

The inquest ordered a burial service to be organised immediately for the victim on Saturday night after it found  he died more than 24 hours earlier.

Falakiseni said the victim exchanged text messages with his girlfriend whom they have one child before he was found dead .

His girlfriend was in Tongatapu while the deceased was in the island.

Falakiseni said text messages retrieved from both the victim’s mobile phone as well as his girlfriend led them to believe the deceased was disappointed before the incident happened.

“At one stage he told his girlfriend over the phone he was going to shoot himself with the gun,” Falakiseni said.

“The girlfriend heard the shooting over the phone and when he tried to call him back she received no answer”.

The motel is owned by a Mexican man and he was away overseas while the incident happened, Falakiseni said.

He said there was no further investigation into the death of Halahingano but an investigation was ongoing to find out how the 38 revolver was found with bullets near the dead man.

This type of firearm is prohibited by law to be imported to the country, Falakiseni said.

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