Authorities plead with public to stop changing road signs

A photo taken on Tuesday this week after employees sent by Land Transport Department to reinstate road signs at the village of Masilamea believed to have been changed by members of the public. The signs confused drivers.  Photo/Kaniva News (Paul Quinn Ta’ai).

Tonga’s Department of Transport has pleaded with those who are tampering with road signs for whatever reasons to stop it immediately.

The Acting Director of Land Transport Tevita Lavemai told Kaniva News this was an increasing problems  for his department.

He said this had happened in the past and despite various efforts made to protect it from happening again it appeared the problem persisted.

As reported by Kaniva News on Sunday this week, a couple were confused when they saw two different road signs for speed limit on the same stretch of road at the village of Masilamea on Hihifo Rd. They were not sure which one they should follow.

Driving eastbound on Hihifo Road towards Nukuʻalofa the driver and her wife noticed a 50 km/h speed limit sign on the left side of the road and 70 km/h on their right side.

Lavemai said he believed someone had intentionally altered the signs.

He said the 50km/h sign supposed to face westbound drivers while the 70km/h faces eastbound drivers towards Nukuʻalofa.

Lavemai said he would send employees to fix the problem and the department would review this issue again at its next meeting.

Two different road signes for speed limit at Hihifo Rd at the village of Masilamea confused drivers. Photo/by courtesy of Yvette Gutteinbeil Paea
Two different road signs for speed limit on Hihifo Rd at the village of Masilamea confused drivers. Photo/by courtesy of Yvette Gutteinbeil Paea

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