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Transparency and accountability workshop for Tongan MPs


A three-day workshop was held in Nukuʻalofa this week for MPs to understand their roles better in terms of transparency, good governance and accountability.

In his speech during the workshop the Speaker of the House, Lord Tu’ivakano commended the workshop and spoke about its importance in that it helped improve the transparency, accountability and working relationships of Tongan parliamentarians especially members of the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

The workshop was attended by  members of Tongan Parliament, members of the Australian’s funded programme, Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI),  Mr. Eroni Vatuloka and Siosiua Utoikamanu (a former Tongan Minister of Finance), Chita Marzan and Savenaca Narube from the Pacific Financial and Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC).

The workshop was funded by PASAI in coordination with Tonga Parliament and Tonga Audit Office.