Authorities in Tonga are working to sort out what they believed were suspicious activities conducted using a Tonga Digicel number.

Guam News has reported this morning the number is 676 848 9003.

A spokesperson for the Tonga Communication Corporation said it was a Digicel number.

He said they were working to resolve the problem.

‘’There has been cases in the past but we will look into it properly’’, he said.

‘’If you’re getting calls from Tonga or other unfamiliar locations its probably part of a new scam’’, the Kuam News said.

‘’Many have reported missed calls from this number: 676-848-9003.  Local Telcom companies say to ignore it, and don’t call back. If you do, it may cost you more than a dollar per minute’’, it said.

”Apparently this is similar to a previous scam in Japan called “wangiri.”

”Callers unknowingly connect to an international premium rate service line, and can be charged extra. The scammers may also answer the call and try and trick you into giving out bank details and other personal information”.

The Federal Communications Commission advises against answering or calling back non-domestic numbers you’re unfamiliar with, as it will take a toll on your bill.

The FCC states that these one-ring, wireless phone scams could compel a caller to contact an international hotline that charges an expensive fee. The amount increases the longer the caller stays on the phone.