Apraxus NZ contestants shine at Miss Heilala 2017 competition

Four Miss Heilala beauty contestants who competed at the Miss Apraxus New Zealand 2017 last month were performing well at the Heilala competition in Nuku’alofa.

The four Kiwi contestants were Miss Apraxus 2017- Miss Ophelia Kava, Miss Tuitui Fashion – Titania Matekuolava, Miss Bou’s Sports – Melesiu Ula and Miss Loumaile Lodge – Miss Lilipeti Manu.

The results of all categories that had been judged so far during the competition show two or more Apraxus participants were placed among all top five finalists selected for the final events.

Sixteen beauty pageant competitors vied for the crown of the Miss Heilala 2017 after one contestant from ʻEua pulled out early this week.

Three places out of the top five finalists with the most outstanding island creations were taken by the Kiwis.

They were Miss Apraxus New Zealand, Miss Bou’s Sport and Miss Tuitui Fashion.

In the sarong wear category two out of the top five finalists went to Miss Tuitui Fashion and Miss Appraxus NZ.

Two out of the top five contestants in the talent show were Miss Tuitui Fashion and Miss Apraxus New Zealand.

Two out of the five Miss tauʻolunga finalists were Miss Loumaile Lodge and Miss Appraxus NZ.

The final judgement will be this evening before the judges will announce the winner of the Miss Heilala 2017.

The competition so far.

Island Creation finalists

  • Miss Bou’s Sport – Melesiu Ula
  • Miss Keiutu – Margot Vrana
  • Miss Tonga Tourism – Margarita Havea
  • Miss Tuitui Fashion – Titania Matekuolava
  • Miss Appraxus NZ – Ophelia Kava

Sarong Wear finalists

  • Miss Keiutu – Margot Vrana
  • Miss Lady Maria Australia – Lilian Paea
  • Miss Appraxus NZ – Ophelia Kava
  • Miss S&SUSA Store – Linga Tamo’ua
  • Miss Tuitui Fashion – Titania Matekuolava

Miss Tau’olunga finalists

  • Miss Loumaile Lodge – Lilipeti Manu
  • Miss Appraxus NZ – Ophelia Kava
  • Miss S&S USA Store – Linga Tamo’ua
  • Miss Hideaway Resort – Mele Ngahe
  • Miss Lady Maria Australia – Lilian Paea

Miss Talent finalists

  • Miss Tonga Tourism – ‘Ana Fehoko Havea
  • Miss Havelu Park – Edna Paea
  • Miss Mate Ma’a Tonga – ‘Ana Koloi
  • Miss Appraxus New Zealand – Ophelia Kava
  • Miss Tuitui Fashion – Titania Matekuolava

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