Taʻanea and Tefisi celebrate first vehicles for health services

The residents and kāinga of the villages of Taʻanea and Tefisi in Vavaʻu were in euphoric mood last week when they welcomed the first ever vehicles for their health services.

Photos supplied to Kaniva News showed women and health staff dancing while the two new vehicles were decorated with Tongan fine mats and tupenus.

The Minister of Health Saia Piukala said the two vehicles were part of the Ministryʻs commitment to the worldwide campaign by the United Nations known as – Leaving no one behind.

The campaign by the international body was designed to make sure “all nations of the world and all segments of the society recognized that the dignity of the individual is fundamental” by 2030.

“There is need for the health officers in these two villages to visit and reach out to the elderly”, Hon. Piukala said.

There were people who had medical emergencies but they could not make it to hospitals because there were no vehicles to take them.

He said the health services for the people of these villages had been marred by the fact the two health centres had no vehicles.

Hon. Piukala said he  believed it was important to “empower” his staff so they can keep on doing their utmost to deliver the best services for the people of Taʻanea and Tefisi.

The vehicles were funded by the government of Tonga.

Minister of Health Saia Piukala (L) with Taʻanea and Tefisi residents. Photo/Supplied

He said four scooters were delivered to the Haʻapai islands including Nomuka, ʻUiha, Kauvai Haʻano and Lotofoa two months ago.

He said the Haʻapai scooters were part of the international campaign.

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