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Government fails to respond in time to multi-million pa’anga Supreme Court Games law suit

'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga


The Tongan government has not filed its defence in the court case with the Pacific Games Council.

As Kaniva News reported in May, the Council and Tonga’s own Olympic body, TASANOC, have sought damages of at least TP$8 over what they say is a “legally binding” contract to host the Games in 2019.

The legal claim against the Tongan Government was made in the Supreme Court on May 15.

The government had 28 days to respond to the writ.

Tonga’s Acting Attorney General Aminiasi Kefu told Kaniva News he received the writ from the Prime Minister’s office on May 22.

Tonga was supposed to host the Games next year, but in a sudden move, Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva announced the kingdom would not host the region’s main sporting competition.

This was despite previous predictions that Tonga could expect to benefit financially from the Games and the government’s introduction of special faxes to raise funds for the event.

Radio Australia has reported the Pacific Games Council’s Chief Executive, Andrew Minogue as saying the council would call for a legal judgement to be made in their favour.

“We are seeking damages for the losses that we, as the Games Council, have suffered as a result of that unilateral decision with no consultation from the government at the time and TASANOC is seeking the same,” Minogue told Radio New Zealand.

“There are three parts of the damages. The first is unpaid fees that were due to us over that four year period and the cost of finding an alternative host, which was a process that we were forced to go through in the second part of last year.

“Traveling around to the various locations, putting documents together and so forth, were costs we didn’t expect to have to face and also supporting the new host who has to now organise the Games at very short notice.

“The third component to the damages is simply the brand damage with commercial sponsors and partners.

“Tonga’s TASANOC has got some separate claims that have been lodged as part of the joint action.”

Outside the court, the Pōhiva government’s strained relationship with TASANOC has involved the two parties in a long running and very public dispute.

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  1. Kuo te’eki ai ha tali ‘a e pule’anga’ ke fakafekiki’i e ‘eke pa’anga fakalao lau miliona ‘a e Kosilio Sipoti ‘a e Pasifiki’ tu’unga ‘i hono kaniseli ‘o e sipoti’.

    Ko e ‘aho ‘e 28 ne tuku atu ‘e he fakamaau’anga’ ‘o lau mei Mē ‘aho 22 ke ‘omi ai ha tali ‘a e pule’anga Tonga’ ka kuo ‘osi e ‘aho ko ia’ ‘oku te’eki ha tali.

    ‘E hoko atu leva e kosilioo’ ke kole ke tu’utu’uni ‘a e fakamaau’anga’ ia ki ha totongi mei he pule’anga Tonga’, ‘a ia ‘oku nau ‘eke ki ai ‘a e 8 miliona.

    Kaekehe ne ‘ave ‘a e fetu’utaki ki he pule’anga’ ke fakamahino mai ko e hā ‘a e ‘uhinga kuo ‘ikai ke ‘ave ai ha’anau tali’ ‘i loto he ‘aho ‘e 28.

    ‘Oku mahino foki ‘oku ‘ikai ko e matapā faka’osi ‘eni ia ke aofangatuku ai e fekihiaki fakalao’ ni he ‘oku te’eki ke fai ha hopo ko e kei fetakai pe ‘eni ia ‘i tu’a fale hopo.

  2. Taimi ke anga he pule’anga, ke nau fai me’a totonu hiki mei nau fehala’aki ‘o tamate’i ‘ae pacific games, ‘aia na’e fk’amu ke fai he ta’u 2019. Neongo te’eki ai ke fai ‘ae hopo, kou tui ‘e fkmole lahi ‘eni hono tautea’i lahi ‘ae pule’anga.