Latu allegedly confesses to ‘bodies in the box’ murders in Australia

'Oku taupoti 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga ki he ongoongo' ni

A Tongan man in Australia was one of the eight men who had been charged over the Logan toolbox double murder after he allegedly confessed to police but they didn’t record it.

Webbstar Latu was committed to stand trial last month, after his defence barristers conceded there was enough evidence to send his case to the Supreme Court.

The victims, Cory Breton, 28, and Iuliana Triscaru, 31 were last seen alive on January 24 last year and their bodies were found in the locked metal box in a Kingston dam 18 days later by police.

Chad Galbraith told the Brisbane Magistrates Court he was in the Brisbane watch house with Mr Latu in February 2016, ABC reported.

The bodies of the couple were found in February 2016, 18 days after they were last seen alive. It is alleged they were killed over a drug debt.

The couple were locked in a large metal box that had been submerged in a dam in Kingston, south of Brisbane.

In a police statement read out in court, Mr Galbraith said Mr Latu started talking to him and he “just started crying.”

“He started telling me he had been implicated in something he had not done,” Mr Galbraith told police.

Webbstar Latu pictured in a McDonalds with an infant.

PHOTO: Webbstar Latu has been committed to stand trial for the alleged murders. (Facebook: Webbstar Latu )

Mr Galbraith, who was giving evidence via video link, said Mr Latu then told him that he had gone to the murder scene and “had been threatened to move a toolbox that had bodies in it”.

“That he had gone to the house where this had all happened — prior to getting there, when he got there, people had already been bashed and interrogated,” he said.

“He said he was threatened to move the toolbox otherwise he would be in the toolbox with these people.”

Mr Galbraith said Mr Latu said he was also threatened with a gun.

“That is what he told me,” he said.

Mr Galbraith, who has admitted to regularly using ice and marijuana, said Mr Latu went on to admit he had helped move the bodies in the toolbox, but he had only gone to the house originally to collect money.

Mr Galbraith later admitted to being confused as to whether the alleged killer also told him he helped take the toolbox to the Logan dam where it was disposed of.

“He told me he was present, I am not mistaken,” he initially told the court.

But under cross-examination from Mr Latu’s barrister Angus Edwards, he was asked: “So you were told he was present when the toolbox was put in the car, but not at the dam?”

“That is possible,” he replied.

The others committed to stand trial are Trent Thrupp, Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata, Davy Taiao, Ngatokoona “Chanel” Marieti, Stou Daniels, Tepuna Mariri and Waylon Ngaketo Cowan Walker.

Prayers for the accused

Mr Galbraith said he was a Christian and prayed for Mr Latu in jail, but he did not think to pray for the murdered couple.

“I tried to put the whole thing out of my head,” he said.

“So you just put the details aside?” Mr Edwards asked.

“When it came to the murders yes, but thinking about the guys who committed it, no, I prayed for them. So I thought about it differently.”

He also admitted to knowing murdered man Corey Breton as he was his drug dealer and “a friend”.

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