Tonga’s dialysis centre named after young man who died in US, report says

'E fakahingoa e senitā taialasisi 'a Tonga kia Siaosi brown ko ha tangata Tonga ta'u 22 ne mate 'i 'Amelika 'i Sune 2017. Ko Siaosi ko e kaungāme'a ia 'o ha foha 'o e tangata mo hono tokoua tu'umālie 'i 'Amelika 'oku na fakapa'anga 'a e senitaa'. Ko e faka'amu ke fakamanatu 'e he hingoa 'o Siaosi' mahu'inga 'o e fakahaofi mo'ui'.

Tonga’s new dialysis centre which preparation for its construction work was currently being processed will be named after a Tongan man who died in the US, a US news media has reported.

Siaosi Brown, 22, lost his life while hiking Bell’s Canyon in June 2017.

KSL television has reported that his name will be appearing “on a facility that’s all about saving lives.”

Siaosi was a best friends of Rod Emam, whose father and uncle were funding the dialysis centre.

As Kaniva previously reported in May, a private company in Salt Lake City was partnering with Tonga’s Ministry Of Health.

The US organization involved philanthropists who wanted to leave some of their money and wealth to charity.

The new dialysis centre was planned to be built at His Majesty’s Tufumāhina estate.

“It’s the Siaosi Brown Dialysis Centre, housed within the Semani Health Center,” said Emam.  “I wanted to name the centre after him. I felt it was the only way to truly honour who he was for me,” Emam told Kslltv.

Emam also reportedly said Siaosi’s name was  fitting for a health centre that’s all about saving lives.

“He always wanted to help,” said Emam.

Siaosi’s parents couldn’t be more proud.

“When they told me they were going to put Siaosi Brown that brought tears to my eyes because this is what Siaosi would have wanted,” said his mom.

“It’s amazing that a sad incident happened, but it also created something every special,” said Siaosi Brown’s father.

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