Covid Tonga: active cases nearing 1,000 as concerns over Vava’u covid cases increase rate grow

Minister of Health Dr Saia Piukala. Photo/Screenshot (Broadcom Broadcasting)

There are 100 new cases of Omicron in Tonga today, the Ministry of Health reports.

The number of total active cases rises to 954.

The total number of people who had been recovered since the outbreak was 366, it said.

There is a total cumulative number of 1320 cases since the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Vava’u authorities have growing concerns after the number of covid cases on the main island increased significantly since last Friday.

The Minister of Health Saia Piukala said yesterday the number of active cases in Vava’u on Monday was 35 including six which had been recovered.

He said the Ministry conducted rapid antigen tests (RATs) there on Monday and eight people had tested positive. He did not say whether or not these eight cases were included in the total number of 35 cases he reported.

He also said the Ministry conducted RAT tests on Tuesday and 11 people tested positive.

The Minister then said Vava’u had 22 cases in home isolation while 27 cases were quarantined at Puataukanave Hotel MIQ. These numbers added to a total number of 49 active cases but the Minister did not confirm whether or not this was the latest total number of cases on Vava’u.

Hon Piukala said most of the positive cases showed no sign of serious illness and no one was admitted to hospital.

The governor of Vava’u Lord Fakatulolo reported 28 cases on Sunday.

He said there was a connection between the 28 cases and a positive case passenger who arrived from Tongatapu on Wednesday last week.

Lord Fakatulolo said he was concerned about the restriction guideline and he attempted to check with the airline to see why the positive passenger was allowed to fly to Vava’u.

The governor said it appeared all the villages on the main island had become locations of interest.

Yesterday, the Neiafu town officer Vāvā Lapota wanted to know what the government’s plan for the situation was.

He claimed the total number of active cases on Vava’u were 40.

The previous total number of cases in Vava’u constantly remained at six or seven.

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