Illegal radio communication ‘significant risk’ for aircraft safety, warn Tongan authorities

Tonga’s Ministry of Information and Communication (MEIDECC) as well as Police have warned that illegal operations of radio-communication system in the kingdom pose a significant risk to the safety of life in the sky.

The authorities have shared an urgent public notice this morning saying they have received reports of an illegal transmission on or near the VHF Aeronautical Aircraft Radio Station channels.

These frequency channels are critical communication channel used by aircrafts and air traffic control to ensure safe take-offs, landings, and flight navigation.

Safety Risks:

Interference with this frequency can cause confusion, miscommunication, and potentially catastrophic consequences for aircraft, their passengers, and people on the ground.

The transmission may also cause disruptions to air traffic control services, which could lead to delays, diversions, or worse.

Actions to Take:

We urge all residents and citizens of Tonga, Radiocommunication users for whole of Tonga to take the following actions to ensure their safety and the safety of those in the sky:

• Immediately cease any activities that may be causing the illegal transmission on or near the VHF Aeronautical Aircraft Radio Station channels.

• Notify the Department of Communications, Ministry of MEIDECC immediately if you suspect or have knowledge of any illegal transmission on or near the frequency.

• Remain vigilant and report any further suspicious activities or sightings of illegal transmissions to the Department of Communications, Ministry of MEIDECC.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in legal action and/or penalties under the Tonga’s Civil Aviation Regulations.

Additionally, non-compliance may lead to the suspension or revocation of your license to operate any radio equipment in the country.

“We urge all residents, citizens, and radiocommunication users to take this matter seriously and comply with the instructions above to ensure the safety of life in the sky”.

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