Four young teens arrested after New Lynn assaults, robberies

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Four teenagers — the oldest aged 14 — have been arrested after a spate of alleged assaults and aggravated robberies across west Auckland.

New Lynn station. (Source: Google Maps)

Police now allege the group of teens had been “committing the bulk of the recent offending” around New Lynn, Henderson and Westgate.

Inspector Kelly Farrant said officers spotted masked young people late this morning while they investigated an alleged incident from last Friday.

“Police were in Green Bay making enquiries into an alleged incident that occurred there, last Friday, when they sighted a group of young people in the area wearing masks.

“We spoke to the group and recognised them as youths wanted in connection to several alleged assaults and robberies and they were taken into custody,” she said.

Two 13-year-olds were now scheduled to appear in the Waitākere Youth Court later this month charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery. A 12-year-old and a 14-year-old have also been referred to Youth Aid “for aggravated robberies and an assault”.

Inspector Farrant said the involvement of kids as young as age 12 was “deeply troubling”.

“We recognise that the involvement of young people in such serious crimes is deeply troubling, especially when offenders are as young as 12-years-old,” she said.

Hayley Courtney from union representing bus drivers says violence on public transport has reached “crisis” levels.

“Aggravated robberies and assaults on young people are serious offences and police will act swiftly to respond to, investigate and hold offenders to account.”

Police and community groups would continue to have an “increased and visible presence” around the New Lynn bus and train station. Last week, students were urged to avoid the station area over fears of an after-school mass brawl.

Farrant said: “Our response is not only about enforcement but also about prevention and intervention.

“We are working closely with our partners at Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, local schools and local boards to ensure that our transport hubs and town centres are safe places to visit and transit through.

“Police also work closely with social services and community organisations to address the factors that lead young people to engage in criminal behaviour.”

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