Parents of person injured in fatal house fire distraught at tragedy

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Family members of a person injured in this morning’s fatal house fire have gathered outside the property in Auckland’s Hillpark.

Panataua Rangitaawa and his wife Missy are shocked by the fatal fire. (Source: 1News)

Police, paramedics and fire crews remain on the scene at Freshney Place, near Manurewa, after being called around 7am.

Two people lost their lives while a third was seriously hurt. He was rushed to Middlemore Hospital.

Pana Rangitaawa and his wife Missy told 1News they were at the house just last night and said “everything was fine”.

Police, paramedics and fire crews are on the scene at Freshney Place in Hillpark, Auckland.

Rangitaawa said there were usually five people that live at the property he owned, including his mother and 91-year-old grandmother.

“We didn’t know where they were if they were home or not. But [it] turns out they weren’t here, they were staying at my sister’s place in Pukekohe.”

Holding back tears, Rangitaawa said one of his sons and two of his friends were staying in the house last night.

“I don’t know what to say to their families, [we’re] just waiting for other family to arrive.

“[I] just don’t know what to say.”

When asked if his own son was OK, he replied he was: “Just waiting.”

The scene of a fatal house fire in Hillpark, Manurewa
The scene of a fatal house fire in Hillpark, Manurewa (Source: 1News)

Missy said she had just come from seeing their son in the hospital.

“He’s had severe burns. We were just talking with the plastic surgeons before we came [here].”

She said he was awake and aware of what had happened to his friends.

“But in terms of his injuries, we don’t know the full extent until the surgeons have done what they need to do.”

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