Kiwis asked to be vigilant of scammers pretending to be police

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Kiwis are being asked to remain vigilant about a re-emerging phone scam in which swindlers pretend to be police officers to con people out of their money. 

The warning comes after a “handful of reports” to police that the scammers had cold-called people.

Police said: “At least two elderly Aucklanders have been conned out of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Senior Sergeant Ryan Bunting said the scammers mainly cold-call households on landline phones, claiming to be police officers.

He said they provide a fake ID or badge number to trick the victim into thinking the ruse is legitimate.

“This person will carry on and provide a reason for their call – either they are investigating fake bank notes or that your credit card has been cloned,” he said.

“As part of this scam, they will ask you to withdraw money from a nearby bank to be collected or ask you to provide further financial or banking information to aid their investigation.”

He asked Kiwis to “be aware” as they were scam calls.

Withdrew cash

Police are currently investigating the two reports, where the people from south Auckland and the North Shore fell victim.

“Both victims withdrew cash from a bank and handed this over to someone who arrived at their door to collect it under the fake cover story,” Bunting says.

“These victims have had their goodwill and trust trodden on by these scammers.”

He said staff are making sure the victims are adequately supported.

“Scammers have no ethics whatsoever and will take any opportunity to try and con you.

“These scams take many forms, and the offenders trick people under various guises or storylines.”

Bunting said that while police officers may call you as part of their duties, they will never ask for your bank details, passwords, or PIN numbers, ask you to withdraw money, or offer prize money. 

He asked anyone who received a call of this nature to hang up and report it to police by calling 105. 

“We are particularly keen to ensure elder family members are aware of what is happening.

“If you have had the unfortunate position of being a victim to this scam and have not reported this, we encourage you to report this to Police.”

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