People’s wedding: Hon Lupepau'u marries ‘Epi Taione

An island resort in Fiji became the setting for a wedding that brought another dramatic change into the Tongan traditional arranged high level marriages set for members of the Royal family to make sure the blue blood is kept undiluted.

Hon Lupepau’u Tuita Taione 36 is sixth in line to the Tongan throne and is the king of Tonga’s eldest niece tied the knot with a commoner, ‘Epeli Taione 34  of ‘Utui, Vava’u yesterday Saturday 17.

Taione also known as Paddy Power in the global rugby union field is currently Tonga Rugby Union’s president.

The couple exchanged vows at a private church over the weekend. Guests included ‘Epi’s  uncle Sione Vaea Taione, Hon Lupepau’u’s cousin Hon Salote Maumautaimi Tuku’aho, other family members and friends.

Hon Lupepau’u’s parents, Princess Pilolevu and Lord Tuita did not attend the ceremony.  They were in Auckland last week August 10 and attended the wedding of their daughter Hon Frederica Tuita Filipe who married another commoner.

Hon Frederica Filipe is  a younger sister of Hon Lupepau‘u Taione.

Kaniva News could tell from posts and discussion by thousands of Tongans on  social media  as well as in local news  media regarding the nuptial ceremony  about 99%  applauded the wedding and Hon Lupepau’u’s decision to wed a commoner.

They highly appreciate her pick to marry for love and not following  the strict  royal wedding policy.

We were informed the newly minted couple, Hon Lupepau’u and ‘Epi Taione with their entourage will leave for Tonga tomorrow to meet both families and relatives.

Royal wedding policy:

  • The first twenty in line to the throne must marry within the nobility.
  • The women must be given suitors to choose from.
  • King must consent to the wedding after going through paper works provided by the person who is going to wed.
  • There is no need for the royal members to really know who they are going to marry.
  •  The dating process is public and is done in-front of guardians or attendants of families of the women – a traditional process applies to both royal and commoners.

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