Hon Akolo’s resignation fuels speculation

Tonga’s Finance Minister has been told to resign it has been  confirmed this afternoon by his CEO Tatafu Moeaki.

Moeaki said he “just confirmed it this morning" as the minister arrived back to Nuku'alofa from Auckland before lunch time.

No further details given and the Prime Minister, Hon Lord Tu’ivakano has yet to respond to our email.

Hon 'Akolo was in Auckland when he received a letter from the Prime Minister demanding he tenders him his resignation.

The letter was handed to the minister yesterday afternoon by Stafford 'Aho the Tongan counsul in Auckland.

The reliable source who disclosed the news for the minister’s resignation in Auckland this morning spoke on condition of anonimity because the minister left for Tonga expecting to meet the Prime Minister.

 He told the Tongan Producer at Radio Planet FM 104.6, Kite Tu’akalau, ‘Akolo queried the Prime Minister over his  wife's overseas travel spending.

Lady Robina Tu'ivakano Kaho mostly accompanied the Prime Minister when travelling overseas on business matters.

'Akolo did not return a call for comment from Kaniva this morning.

It is understood the Prime Minister was also under intense pressure from the rest of his cabinet ministers to do something against Hon Akolo. 

The finance minister allegedly opposed the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) approved by the cabinet in early December.

The government finally approved a 5% COLA after 'Akolo insisted the government has no money to fund the pay rise.

In 2012 PM Tu’ivakano’s cabinet met to process requirements needed after Tonga won the bid to host  the South Pacific Games in 2019.

In the meeting the agenda was met with strong resistance from Hon Akolo saying Tonga could not afford to fund the South Pacific Games.

Hon Clive Edwards, the Minister of Justice  told Talaki  newspaper at the time Lord Tu’ivakano was furious at ‘Akolo’s attitude and he reprimanded him during the cabinet meeting.  

Hon Edwards also told the paper the cabinet ministers were suspicious that 'Akolo was leaking information to Opposition Leader 'Akilisi Pohiva.

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