Tonga’s First Lady Robyn Kaho drunk, offensive and swears

Faka’apa’apa alert (Warning): Graphic language

Auckland, NZ – The Prime Minster of Tonga’s attempts to reform his image after he was found in the middle of a passport scandal appeared to have been shattered after his wife was drunk and made offensive remarks in an award dinner in Auckland last week.

The dinner was organised by the Auckland Langa’iva’inga Golf Club to mark its 2014 golf competition Saturday 29.

Organizers of the dinner were asked to call the police after several attempts to calm down Lady Robyn Tu'ivakano Kaho were unsuccessful.

She climbed tables and spilled a glass of wine onto the floor while diners were trying to talk her down.

The Fisrt Lady hid behind another woman after an editor of a Tongan newspaper turned his camera toward her.

The Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano was at the centre of a probe into Tongan passport irregularities reported in the news last week.

Kaho swore at Dr Fotu Fisi’iahi, the master of ceremony and called on the President of the Tonga Tau’ataina Church Semisi Fonua who was one of the quests she wanted more wine.  

Kaho, a member of the golf club, was believed to have entered the dinner drunk before she rambled and swore in Tongan while the MC was announcing the awards.

Fisi’iahi told Kaniva News he was trying to calm Kaho down but she swore at him.

“Who the loho are you? Fisi'iahi quoted Kaho as saying.

"I tried to take a glass of wine away from her but she spilled it onto the floor," Fisi'iahi said.

"We considered calling the police at the time in fear the restaurant might lose its license because of Kaho".

The Editor of the Kakalu 'o Tonga Newspaper, 'Ulu'alo Po'uhila  was at the dinner. He told Kaniva Kaho was really drunk and had no manners.

"I confronted her and she reacted and asked who I am? I responded that she would not know me but I am a Tongan and everyone was so embarrassed of what she was doing," Po'uhila said.

Kaho did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the story. Kaniva also contacted the Prime Minister for comments but nothing received at the time of writing..

Lady Joyce Robyn Tu'ivakano Kaho is being held down during the dinner. Photo / Kakalu 'o Tonga Newspaper


Reaction to the news by the Tongan community had been mixed. Many slammed  the First Lady for her inappropriate behaviour and putting the Prime Minister down and the Tongan public.

But a few asked why it was news and that the Tongan media should ignore her and publish something newsworthy.

It’s news as she is a public figure and her role as the Prime Minister’s wife requires her sense of decency and discipline to be maintained at all time especially in public places, a Tongan Facebook user said.  

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