Australia donates a AU$5 million landing craft to Tonga.

AUSTRALIA is buying a $5 million landing craft which it will donate to Tonga.

The 30-metre craft will be delivered in mid-2015 under a long-running defence co-operation program.

It will boost the Tongan military's capacity to reach remote communities for nation-building construction activities as well as in response to natural disasters such as cyclones.

The contract for construction of the vessel has been awarded to Newcastle shipbuilder Forgacs.

Forgacs is one of the shipbuilders facing the so-called "valley of death" – the period between the end of current defence shipbuilding projects and the start of new projects.

Through the defence co-operation program with Tonga, Australia will deliver a range of services in support of the vessel's operation, including engineering, technical and logistic support.


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Kuo tau 'eni ha aleapau ke fakatau e he Pule'anga 'Aositelelia ha vakafolau tahi fo'ou  'e lele pe 'o hake ki 'uta  ma'a Tonga fe'unga ia mo e pa'anga 'Aositelelia 'e $5 miliona.

Ko e vaka folau tahi 'eni mita 'e 30 pea 'oku fakafuofua 'e 'i Tonga 'i he vaeua'anga 'o e 2015 'i ha polokalama taimi loloa 'a e ongo taumalu'i fonua a Tonga mo 'Aositelelia.

'E tokoni 'a e vaka ko 'eni ki hono langomaki 'a e ivi fakakautau 'a Tonga 'aki e lava ke lele  ki he ngaahi feitu'u mama'o ke 'ave 'a e ngaahi fiema'u ki he langa pea lava foki ke ne tu'u ke talia 'a e ngaahi faingataa ka hoko ha fakatamaki fakanatula hange ko e ngaahi saikolone.

Kuo ma'u 'e he kautaha ngaohi vakapuna pe ko e New Castle Shipbuilder Forgacs a e totonu ki hono fo'u 'o e vaka ni.

E 'i ai 'a e ngaahi polokalama tokoni  kehekehe pe 'e ta'imalie ai a Tonga foki heni hange ko e ngahi tokoni fakatekinikale mo e ngaahi ako ki hono fakalele 'o e vaka pehe foki ki he ngaahi tokoni faka'enisinia.


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