Tonga's MV 'Otu Anga'ofa runs aground

The Friendly Islands ferry, MV ‘Otu Motu Anga’ofa ran aground while trying to exit the Pasivulangi Harbour Thursday 30 April but causing no reported damage or casualties.  

FISA said the ferry hit a rock and its bow grounded taking it 10 minutes to pull itself off and returned to shore.

It said the hull was inspected and no damage found before it left for Niuafo’ou yesterday morning.

The 400 passenger inter-island ferry was built under Japan's grant aid project and was launched on 13 July 2010 in the ISB Company shipyard of Tokyo Bay, Japan before it took 7,900 km to sail from Tokyo Bay on 27 September 2010 and arrived in Nuku'alofa on October 15, 2010.

Ongoongo Faka-Tonga

Na'e toka e vaka ko ia 'a e pule'anga Tonga 'oku fakalele 'e he'ene kautaha ko e  Friendly Island Shipping Agency lolotonga 'ene feinga ke hu ki tu'a mei he Taulanga Pasivulangi 'i he 'aho 30 'Epeleli ka na'e 'ikai ha maumau pe lavea 'e lipooti.

Pehe 'e he FISA na'e tui'i e he taumu'a 'o e vaka ni  ha fu'u maka o toka ai pea ne fe'unga nai mo ha miniti 'e 10 'ene feinga ke mavahe mei ai pea toki lava.

'Oku pehe na'e sivi'i e sino'i vaka pea mahino pe na'e 'ikai ha maumau fefe ki mu'a pea ne tuku folau hake ki Niuafo'ou he pongipongi 'aneafi.

Ko e vaka pasese 400 lele fakavaha'a motu ko 'eni na'e fo'u 'i ha tokoni 'ofa fakapa'anga 'a Siapani pea na'e hifoaki 'i he 'aho 13 'o Siulai 2010 'i he iate vaka 'a e Kautaha ISB 'i Tokio pea toki tuku folau hake ki Tonga i ha kilomita 'e 7,900 mei he pei 'o Tokioo 'i he 'aho 27 Sepitema 2010.

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