“Meʻakai Tonga Ki ai”, World Consumer Rights Day campaign

A campaign is underway in Tonga urging the public to avoid  eating easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal.

The campaign is part of the kingdom’s move to support the World Consumer Rights Day.

Since there is no fast food chain in Tonga such as KFC and McDonald, the Ministry of Labour and Commerce sees the international day as an opportunity to remind Tongan people about the benefit of eating indigenous Tongan food.

The campaign is titled as “Meʻakai Tonga Ki ai! / “I love my Tongan food”.

People are being urged to share their favourite Tongan food and recipes with others on internet, radio broadcasting programme and on social media.

The campaign targets “antibiotic fed meat products that all the big fast food chains worldwide use which can be KFC, McDonalds or Burger King etc”, the Ministry said in a statement.

“The message is, that as we consume products from these Fast Food places, it will slowly make our bodies resistant to antibiotics”.

Proposed program to commemorate the World Consumer Rights Day.

  1. Direction boards (Consumer Work program) on work premises in Ha’apai (Governor’s Office) and Eua Office
    2. Buyer Beware ( FAKATAU TOKANGA) Billboard installed at the Police Station in Neiafu
    3. World Consumer Theme Banners installed in Eua, Ha’apai, Vava’u and in Tongatapu
    4. ( Week 2 March – 11-15) – Press Releases and general discussions with TV and Radio Programs drawing attentions to the actual World Consumer Day and its theme
    a) Co-ordinating school visits to carry out presentations on the World Consumer Day theme as well as general awareness on the roles and responsibilities of the consumer and we will invite along food authority as well).
    b) Photo Competition
    We are putting up soon on Facebook and will be part of the school presentations a special competition to get people to upload any images of them and with any idea associated to the theme for World Consumer Day to our Facebook page.
    c) Radio Talk-back on 87.5FM promoting of “Meakai Tonga Kiai! / I love my Tongan Food” campaign on Friday 11th March. An officer from Ministry of Health is joining us this program.
  2. World Consumer Rights Day 15th March–
    a. radio talk back program on 87.5 ( with Ministry of Health and Food Authority)
    b. TV program with TBC( with Ministry of Health and Food Authority)

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