Referee attacked in Vainī rugby union match

Tukuaki'i ne 'ohofi 'a e fakamaau 'i he tau 'a e Toa ko Ma'afu mo Vainī he Tokonaki kuo 'osi'. 'Oku toe tukuaki'i ne lavea 'a e fakamāu' he 'ohofi ko 'eni'. 'Oku tukuaki'i ne mamahi e kau poupou 'o Vainii' 'i he founga hono pule'i 'e he fakamāu' 'enau va'inga. Ne fai e fetu'utaki ki he Kōmiti 'Akapulu 'a Tonga pea pehē 'e he CEO Fe'ao Vunipola te ne ngāue ke 'omai ha līpooti ki ai mei he kōmiti 'a e kau fakamāu'. Ne fai foki mo e fetu'utaki ki he fakamāu' ke 'omi 'ene tafa'aki'. Ko e fakamaau 'eni ko Tokomea 'Ofahulu.

A referee was attacked during a Saturday Rugby Union football match in Vainī last week.

The incident occurred during a Tongatapu District Rugby Tournament match between Vainī and Toa Ko Ma’afu rugby team which was held at the Vainī rugby field.

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, alleged the referee was attacked by a supporter.

One report alleged the referee, Tokomea ‘Ofahulu, was injured.

‘Ofahulu was contacted for comment.

The eyewitness claimed Vainī supporters were unhappy with how the referee controlled the game.

It appears the incident occurred after ‘Ofahulu blew the final whistle and ended the game while the Vainī team was attacking. The match ended in a draw.

The eyewitness alleged there was still time after the final whistle was blown and the timekeeper did not indicate to the referee to end the second half.

Tonga Rugby Union CEO Fe’ao Vunipola said he would request a report on the incident from the referees committee.

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