Covid-19 Omicron Tonga update: 342 active cases while number of people recovered stands at 303

There are 342 active cases of Covid in Tonga today, says the Minister of Health.

Health Minister Saia Piukala

Hon Piukala said 303 cases had been recovered since the outbreak.

The Minister would not say how many new cases in the community and how many cases in the MIQs.

“This morning there are 645 cases in total since the outbreak,” Hon Piukala said. He said the 645 cases included the first positive case detected in October last year.

He said of the 645 cases, 637 were on Tongatapu, seven on Vava’u and the case from last year.

In the Vava’u cases, six had been recovered and one was still in isolation, the Minister said.

He said there were 26 new cases on Friday last week, 20 on Saturday, 59 on Sunday, 57 on Monday, 100 on Tuesday which included 83 cases at the Hu’atolitoli prison and 17 in the community. On Wednesday there 28 cases included 10 new cases at the Hu’atolitoli prison.

Hon Piukala said Haapai, ‘Eua and the Niuas were still Covid free.

More repatriation flights expected

The Minister said the 174 repatriates from Fiji, Australia and New Zealand at the MIQs had been released and allowed to go home on Tuesday.

He said seven people were still at the Taliai MIQ including five who tested positive and two were negative but because they were family members isolating together they have to remain at the MIQ. Hon Piukala would not confirm whether these seven cases were repatriates or locals.

The next repatriation flights will be from New Zealand and Australia on Tuesday next week, he said.

Another flights on Thursday are expected  to bring back the remaining stranded Tongans in Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu.

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