Three New Zealand contestants to join Miss Heilala Beauty Pageant

Tonga Aotearoa Promoters Association (TAPA) sent two contenders from New Zealand to participate in the Miss Heilala Beauty Pageant 2013, it has been confirmed.

Miss Neomai Tangikina Tuitupou 22 of Kolomot'ua , 3rd contestant will represent Miss Nuku'alofa club and  F.I.B.B.A  New zealand  along with Miss Lilio Lavenda Soodwill Sikei 9  from Kolonga, Kolovai as Miss Tau'olunga Junior. Tu’itupou is currently a student of Auckland University  studying Business and Tourism

Miss Lita Mary Bloomfield  21 from Lakepa, Nukunuku , 2nd contestant will represent Miss Digicel Tonga High School 65/66 Anniversary  New Zealand  along with Miss  Ilaisaane Fineanganofo Tuipulotu 9 of Kolomotu'a, Tofoa as Miss Tau’olunga Junior.  Bloomfield is a student at Auckland University

Fuifuilupe Manuha’apai  from TAPA told Kaniva News they send the girls together with Tongan body builders representatives FIBBA as a joint effort of the Association with some of the Tonga High School Alumni  in preparation for the Tonga High School’s 65/66th Double Anniversary Celebration that begins on July 3.

The 65/66 anniversary coincide with the Heilala Week festival and they planned the initiative to help boost the morale and entertainment in both festivities, Fuifuilupe said.

The New Zealand Immigration Appraxus  also  registered the 1st contestant Miss Rosemarie Fili 22 of Leimatu'a Vava'u, Hala'ovave Tongatapu now residing in Hamilton and a post graduate student at the University of Waikato as Miss Immigration Apraxus .

The 4th contestant is Miss Horizon Sun represented by Miss Susitina Malia Fakahafua 22 from Tatakamotonga, Fua'amotu, Ha'apai and Vava'u. Tina is a graduate of the University of Friends with a Bachelor of Science in Phycology and Counselling. Tina is currently in Tonga as part of  her final internship with local NGO serving children and families.  

The 5th contestant  is Miss Victoria Australia represented by Miss Angelique Amour Iviiti  from Fu'amotu  and Mangaia Rarotonga.

Kaniva News understands Tonga Miss Heilala committee is expecting up to more than 10 contestants to compete for the Miss Heilala 2013 title.

Tonga’s biggest annual festival which features parade, procession, beauty pageant and music competition began today June 24.

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