Tongan-owned company ready to bring down fuel prices

Press Release

J & M Pacific Pty Limited, an Australian based resource company with significant affiliations with United Arab Emirates and South East Asia, is currently in negotiations for the supply of diesel to suit Pacific nations.

J & M Pacific are closely affiliated with SSY Shipping (one of the world’s largest Shipping Brokers) in an endeavour to obtain the most competitive freight prices into Tonga, Suva and other ports, subject to quantities and port logistics. Therefore, they are confident in offering a compliant specification of diesel at attractive discounts with highly competitive pricing for freight.

We have been in encouraging discussions with various Pacific nations, and have even received a letter of intent from the Tongan Government. Director of J & M Pacific, Mr James Koloamatangi says, “The main problem that we are all addressing is a perceived monopoly on current oil/diesel prices. This is borne out in the ever-increasing oil prices that have to be paid for by the consumers at the pump”.

We are also able to offer other products through our affiliates. However our focus is on diesel supply at this point in time.

On-going discussions with our partners who have distribution agreements with the likes of oil giant Petronas (government- owned Malaysian oil & gas Company) have progressed to contract stage.  J & M Pacific are looking to compete with the import quantities and prices from other oil companies currently supplying Tonga and neighbouring Pacific nations who are feeling the pinch of high fuel prices.

Mr Koloamatangi has met with some senior officials from the Tongan government and is extremely confident that a deal can be done, provided that the government is prepared to work with J & M Pacific to bring fuel prices down, and that other Pacific jurisdictions come on-board. “The bottom line is we can give the Tongan people a better, cheaper price than what they pay for fuel at the moment”, says Mr Koloamatangi.

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