Sex scandal: Tonga’s Democratic Party found no evidence

The Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands said it will take no further action follwoing an allegation that two of its party members involved in a sex scandal. The annoucement came after an internal inquiry has found no concrete evidence against the accused.  

The duo allegedly fathered children with two women respectively, an action the party says it against its memorandum of understanding signed by all party members.

The news was first revealed by the local newspaper Kele’a saying it got it from its weekly evangelical columnist, Dr Ma‘afu Palu.

MP Sione Havea Taione, the secretary for the party told Kaniva News he talked to the person who brought the accussation against the two members and he found out it was based on “hearsay”.

Taione said,  the party has made a decision that the accusation was invalid.

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