China could fund a new Parliament house for Tonga but a final decision has to be made.

It has been revealed Tonga has submitted a proposal to the Chinese government.

The proposal came to light after the Chinese Ambassador to Tonga His Excellency Wang Baodong was welcomed at the Legislative Assembly this week by the Speaker Lord Tu’ivakano.

“The Speaker also proposed to the ambassador for China’s assistance on building a new Parliament House since it is the focal point of law and decision making”, a statement from the Legislative Assembly said. .

“In response HE Baodong revealed China is studying the Legislative Assembly of Tonga’s request”.

It is understood the plan for a new building for the Legislative Assembly was in the pipeline and was regularly discussed in the House recently.

The kingdom’s good relationship with the Chinese Communist led-Party was strengthened in Nuku’alofa in January during a visit by a Chinese National People’s Congress delegation.

In that diplomatic visit the Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva told the Chinese “that Tonga was overwhelmed with China’s bilateral assistance to their country’s development”.

As well as ongoing aid programmes, China’s assistance to Tonga includes the construction of St George Palace.

The $28 million pa’anga project, has a floor area of around 5745m2, to accommodate the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other government ministries.

Tonga took up a US$119 million loan for the reconstruction of Nuku’alofa after the riots in November 2006, followed by a US$86 million pa’anga loan for road reconstruction.