Bou Fashion say contestants knew they would collect cash prizes after the show

Pehē mei he fe'auhi filimisi 'a e Bou Fashion na'e 'osi 'i ai pe femahino'aki mo 'ene kau fe'auhi' te nau toki ō ange 'o 'ave honau pale pa'anga' 'i ha 'aho kehe kae 'ikai ko e pō na'e fai ai 'a e foaki pale'. Na'a nau femahino'aki ke nau ō ange 'o fakafoki ange ngaahi teunga 'a e Bou Fashion ne nau tui faka'ali'ali lolotonga 'a e fe'uhi' pea ma'u ai pe mo honau pale'. Mahino foki ne 'i ai ha ni'ihi ne nau 'ohovale he pehē ko e sila 'ata'atā pe ia ne foaki ki he kau fe'auhi 'ikai ha pa'anga 'i loto. Kuo 'osi kamata 'ave 'a e ngaahi pale 'e ni'ihi he 'aho ni fakatatau ki he kautaha' ni. Vakai ki lalo he ongoongo lea 'Ingilisi' 'oku 'oatu ai 'a e ola fakakātoa 'o e fe'auhi' ni.

The organiser of the Bou Fashion beauty pageant competition claimed contestants were told they would receive empty envelopes at Friday night’s award and would collect their cash prizes later.

Two contestants had already picked up their cash prizes by today, June 25.

They were the Miss Kahoa Kakala ‘O Tonga, Samantha Ma’asi, who won the NZ$2600 prize and Miss Pouono Krafts who won the $900 cash prize.

Organiser Tupou Tanginoa Fonua made the clarification after some audience members at Friday night’s awards were surprised to hear the contestants opened their envelopes and found nothing inside them.

One supporter claimed the contestants were not told they would receive empty envelopes.

One contestant’s promoter said she only found out from the Bou Fashion staff during the awards ceremony that her contestant would have to collect her cash prizes later.

When asked for comments, Fonua sent Kaniva News a screenshot of the following Facebook post:

“As discussed with our Miss BOU’S contestants they will return clothes which I provided during the pageant and they will pick up their cash prizes today. Two contestants have been already this morning to pick up theirs (sic) cash prizes so far…

“Miss Kahoa Kakala O Tonga – Samantha Maasi $2600. Miss Pouono Krafts – Fetu’u ‘Uluaki $900.”

She also posted a photo of Miss Pouono Krafts holding dollar notes.

Fonua also posted two hand-written letters containing the names of ‘Uluaki and Ma’asi with their signatures.

In the letters the undersigned said they “confirmed” they had received their cash prizes today.

In response, a person by the name of Stephanie Maryannie Ma’asi Fukofuka wrote:  “It was not discussed or we wouldn’t have opened the envelopes expecting cash in there LOL but finally…a little exposure does the trick…”

She earlier wrote: “My sister received (four empty) envelopes you claim we have to collect which we have yet heard from!”

A promoter of the winner of the beauty contest, Miss Luana Fifita, said she collected four envelopes for her niece’s prizes and they were all empty.

“I saw the envelopes with the amount won, opened it and there’s no money and I click that they don’t put money inside. There were so many people and the girls just put the envelopes on the table and everyone was everywhere.  So to confirm I ask one of Bou’s staff just to make sure and she confirmed, money will be collected after. So we were happy to collect it later,” Sisifa Manoa Tangi told Kaniva News.

The winners of the Miss Bou’s Pageant competition were:

Winner – Miss 312 Barbars -Luana Fifita

1st Runner Up – Miss Kahoa Kakala O Tonga – Samantha Ma’asi.

2nd Runner Up – Miss Ciora Karaoke Bar – Dominique Sevele

3rd Runner Up – Miss Pouono Krafts – Fetu’u Uluaki

1st – Pre Pageant Interview- Miss Ciora Karaoke Bar – Dominique Sevele.

1st Tau’olunga – Miss Kahoa Kakala O Tonga – Samantha Ma’asi

1st Puletaha – Miss 312 Barbers – Luana Fifita

1st Sarong – Miss Hala Vaiola – ‘Evalata Vehikite

1st Talent – Miss Vava’u Lahi Night Club – Epenisa Hafoka

1st Stage Interview – Miss Pouono Krafts – Fetu’u Uluaki.

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