Kiwi Lotto king: Five-time Lotto winner reveals secret formula to pocketing millions

A notorious New Zealand-born Lotto winner has lifted the lid on how he has won the lottery five times, earning him millions of dollars.

The now Australian-based Carlo Massetti pocketed millions after he went on an unbelievable winning streak, including when he purchased three winning tickets within 10 days from the same Sydney store.

His Lotto streak began in 2012 when he won twice and quit his job as a Sydney funeral undertaker.

He explained he uses the same formula when purchasing his tickets.

Massetti’s tips for winning the lottery

While he didn’t enter every week, when he did, his formula involved spending $5000 to $8000 on a systems entry ticket, where you choose your own lottery numbers, instead of a Quick Pick.

Massetti said he’d use eight to nine numbers across the chosen lines, he told Daily Mail Australia.

He mostly didn’t go in for massive Powerball draws of $40 million to $100m, instead choosing the smaller jackpot Monday to Wednesday or Saturday draws when fewer people were entering.

In 2018 he rose to fame when he won $2.5m from two different Lotto draws within one week.

Then 12 days later he won another $48,000 in a Powerball draw.

Winning Lotto five times won’t buy you happiness

However, despite winning millions and living a lavish lifestyle, the Kiwi told the Herald in 2021 money couldn’t buy him happiness.

He came back to New Zealand in 2021 after ending a five-year relationship that he felt turned “toxic”.

In 2018 Massetti was accused of assaulting his partner Danielle Prebble. When she failed to appear in court, the charges were dropped.

That led to bizarre scenes outside the Sydney courthouse after the prosecutor revealed police had been unable to locate Prebble. He told the court that her mobile phone had been switched off and she’d told police that she had left for New Zealand.

Moments later, as Massetti walked free outside court, Prebble was there to meet him and the pair embraced and walked away hand-in-hand.

But Massetti told the Herald on Sunday there was no happy ever after.

“I have been to hell and back. It’s turned my life upside down. I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated,” he said.

“The charges were thrown out of court but it has destroyed my life. As a result, I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression.”

However, in 2021, Prebble came to New Zealand to rekindle their “crazy love”, saying “I know we have this s****y s****y history, but I love him a million per cent”.

But a bad night on bourbon and cokes during drinking games saw Prebble lying on the road in Oamaru and Massetti charged again with assault.

The courts dropped the charges.

He then spoke to Daily Mail Australia this week, saying he has chosen to come forward about his life after years of controversial media reports, explaining “my life these days is more peaceful where I can focus on my health and put the past behind almost like a closed book”.

“I have endured emotional turmoil. These days I get on with life the best I can with a constant reminder over what I have been through over five years,” he said.

– This story was first published by the NZ Herald

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