‘He just took the money’: Chicking Takanini robbed at knifepoint

By rnz.co.nz

The owner of a South Auckland fried chicken shop robbed at knifepoint on Tuesday night says the encounter was “shocking” and “frightening” for him and his staff.

Security cameras caught the incident. Photo: Chicking Takanini / supplied

A police spokesperson said they were called to Chicking on Great South Road at 9:39pm after a person who had a weapon demanded money from a staff member.

“The offender has taken a quantity of cash from the till before fleeing,” the spokesperson said.

CCTV footage obtained by RNZ showed a man wearing a black hoodie and surgical mask using a weapon to threaten staff into opening the cash register at the fried chicken restaurant.

Chicking Takanini owner Kafi Islam said the man had what appeared to be a “mechanical tool” resembling a knife, and was holding it against his 21-year-old staff member.

He recalled the moment he was sitting behind the counter and the man came in.

“He was saying, ‘Give me the money or I will stab him.’ Then I ask, ‘Okay how much money do you want?’ And he said $100.

“Evidently the staff member opened the cash draw, took a hundred dollars out, and gave it to him. I chose to comply with the robbers rather than fight with them.

“He took the money, and as soon as he saw other cash in the cash drawer he immediately started robbing all the cash.”

Islam said the robber asked the two to open a second till, but Islam “screamed and shouted” at the intruder, telling him to leave.

“It was very very frightening, it was absolutely shocking, absolutely like disaster. Immediately after, I called the cops.”

Islam said the robbery was adding to already existing financial pressures. He said the stolen money would have helped pay for staff wages, and Islam would not claim insurance because of the fees.

“It’s hard to be honest, in this current economic situation. We, Chicking Takanini, is struggling,” he said. “He just took the money but did not rob any fried chicken. We are just a small fried chicken burger shop.”

Islam said the frightening night made him and his workers concerned about returning to work.

“Especially my staff member who got threatened to be killed, was very scared and shaken. He is only 21 years old.”

Police said they were yet to make any arrests and were still in the process of determining who was responsible.

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